Preparing the Whole Family for Kindergarten

The Waltham Family School is a comprehensive family literacy program that dramatically improves educational opportunities for children by integrating early childhood, adult education and parenting skills.

We serve families with the lowest levels of income and education:

WFS preschooler busy playing
WFS preschooler busy playing
  • 60% of parents have a 6th grade education or less in their home countries, and several have never had the opportunity to attend school before.
  • 100% meet HUD low or very low income guidelines
  • 82% of parents are from Central and South America, with others from Asia and Africa.


We exhibit demonstrated success:

  • In 2011, the first 23 graduates of the WFS preschool entered middle¬†school. 46% of them are on the honor roll!
  • In 2013, the second WFS adult graduate earned her GED in English.
  • In 2015, the first 5 graduates of the WFS preschool graduated from Waltham High School – all career and college ready!
  • In 2020, a record number–10!–of the Waltham High School graduates began as preschoolers at the WFS.