Preschool for children and English classes for parents

Interested? Call 781-314-5696, if you:

Together We Learn, Together We Read, Together We Succeed is the motto of Waltham Family School.
  • Live in Waltham
  • Have a child 3-5 years old OR have a child entering Kindergarten in September 2022
  • Have a parent who wants to learn English
  • Meet income and educational guidelines
  • Can attend 4 mornings a week, Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We have Spanish speakers available.

If you know a family with preschool-aged children who is interested in learning English, please contact our office.

Take a virtual tour of the Waltham Family School.

All applicants are interviewed and must be willing to commit to participating four mornings a week to the program. The program is free for low-income families.

Preescolar para los niños e inglés para los padres/madres

Llame ahora si le interesa aplicar, y si usted:

  • Vive en Waltham
  • Tiene un hijo/a de 3 a 4 años de edad; el niño debe tener 3 antes de sept. 1. O tiene un hijo/a en Kindergarten en sept. 2022
  • Está interesada en aprender inglés
  • Califica según los criterios económicos y educativos
  • Asistir 4 mañanas a la semana de martes a viernes de 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Llame al 781-314-5696