Prior to the pandemic, volunteers would contribute over 2,500 hours annually to our students and programs.

Volunteer application form

Volunteers have always been an integral part of the Waltham Family School and contributed to the success and richness of the school. Their dedication throughout the years has allowed WFS to provide families with an array of educational and social experiences. They have forged relationships and offered encouragement to our children and adults in their quest for better lives in the United States. The Waltham Family School would not be the same without the dedication and support of our many volunteers.

Volunteers have come from Bentley University, Brandeis University, and from Waltham and the surrounding communities.

We are always looking for new friends who would like to share in our Waltham Family experience:

Preschool Volunteer Opportunities

Help WFS preschoolers prepare for kindergarten:

  • Engage children in conversation and play, always following the child’s lead, supporting productive play. 
  • Model appropriate behavior in how to use materials, how to interact with peers and how to be part of a group. 
  • Foster increased independence, encouraging children to take responsibility for their own work and try new skills.
  • Show respect toward the children, staff and other volunteers, sharing insights about the children.
  • Take initiative in supporting classroom routines and tasks. 
  • Ask questions, share ideas, and take direction.

Adult Classroom Opportunities

Strengthen WFS parents’ skills for parenting, workforce and community life:

  • Assist ESOL teachers by interacting and having English conversations with adult learners during class time as directed by teachers.
  • Assist ESOL teachers by providing support to adult learners when working on specific projects assigned by teachers.
  • Assist adult learners when using technology in class to complete an assignment or a project.
  • Opportunities for one-to-one tutoring with adult learners.

Office Opportunities

Help staff meet administrative needs in the office:

  • Assist office staff with take home vacation packets/materials for families.
    1. Find appropriate activities for families to use during vacation week.
    2. Assemble the vacation bundles / packages.
  • Assist with planning of summer programming for Waltham Family School.
  • Update resource guide for new families.
  • Assist Administrative Assistant with projects as needed. 

Time commitment can be for a single project or an ongoing relationship. To volunteer you must have a CORI background check on file.

If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives through volunteering with the Waltham Family School, please fill out this volunteer application form

For any questions about volunteering, contact us at 781-314-5696 or send us an email to