Waltham Family School is open.

Most WFS staff and teacher are working remotely, connecting regularly with WFS families.

Check out the virtual Fiesta! for WFS and other virtual events.

Connect with us

Keep in touch through our social media on either Facebook or Twitter. FWFS will also respond to emails within 24-48 hours: friendsofthewfs@gmail.com

Accepting Applications

Are you a family interested in joining the Waltham Family School? We are accepting applications now for September 2021.

Please call 781-314-5696 and leave a message with your name and phone number, and we will call you back.

Where to get help

WATCH CDC created a helpful COVID-19 Resource Guide with info on how to get assistance with food, healthcare, utilities and more.

Update from Waltham Family School

Although WFS is closed until May 4, the WFS teachers and staff are connecting with the 36 WFS families. We have learned that the best way to reach families is through personal communication by phone. Sixteen of the 36 WFS families do not have older children in the Waltham Public Schools, so we connected with them first to make sure they are knew about food resources for families and health and safety actions needed by all for COVID-19.

As you can imagine, many of the WFS families are confused, unsettled and concerned, as are many of us. In our conversations, we are seeking to ensure that the WFS families are aware and connected to a variety of community resources that are available to them. WFS alumni are also on our minds; we are sharing information with them primarily through social media.

Together We Succeed – Help in our community!
We have seen an outpouring of empathy and concern for the families in the Waltham Family School, and many people have reached out to ask how they can help. Waltham is fortunate to have great resources available for vulnerable families, and we have been in contact with leaders of several local organizations.

For now, we think the best way to help is to support community organizations who are serving WFS families and others in need. In particular you can help by supporting the food pantries listed in the WATCH CDC COVID-19 resource guide as well as Project Bread.

Thank you again for thinking of WFS families and connecting with us. We hope that in this time of national emergency, you and your loved ones will remain safe; and that the WFS families and all the people in our communities may be adequately provided for.